Sunday, November 26, 2006


Fear Not!

Hey Guitar Fans,
Just wanted to check in to let you know that the show has NOT podfaded! Over the past several weeks I have gotten a promotion at work and been trying to learn the new job, gone on vacation halfway across the country and had no internet connection, and gotten a really nasty cold that has left me sounding like my head is wrapped in a blanket and I've been smoking a ton of rough cigarettes.
As soon as I start sounding like a human being again, I will be putting up the next episode.
Hang in there, and I'll be talking to you soon!
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Another Cool Video for You

I've been trying to fit in time for a proper VGC episode, but it just hasn't happened. So instead I have another cool little item from YouTube for you. You know how fascinated I am by renditions of classical music done with electric guitar and/or bass, so today I present to you the following: "Rondo alla turca"...otherwise known as "Mozart Metal" by Fettskraag. Enjoy, and I will talk to you soon!

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