Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

Coming soon: a new podcast about vintage and collectible guitars and basses. The plan is to discuss one model per show, but we will see how it evolves.

This podcast is particularly focused on electrics since I am not overly familiar with acoustics, but we may have special guests in to talk about these since they are certainly not to be overlooked in the world of guitar collecting.

You can bet that this won't be a "Stratocaster" or "Les Paul" only kind of podcast... expect to hear about and discuss some real oddballs and sleepers of the guitar collecting community. And I want your input! Please comment on the blog and let me know what you want to cover. I would especially love it if some of you experts out there want to Skype in to discuss your favorites.

I want to make this a community podcast, so speak out and get involved!

Thanks a lot, and I will be talking to you soon! Cheers!

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