Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Rain, Rain, Go Away. Flooding in NH.

Hi Folks,
Normally, I'd be putting together a show for the week, but things here in the Northeast have been a bit...uh...challenging, lately. We've got a bit of a flooding situation going on, and I've been dealing with a water-filled basement along with many road closures, washouts, sinkholes, evacuations, national guard reinforcements, and questionable dam strength all around. We feel very fortunate that we have been spared much of the extreme situations that our neighbors have had to deal with, but it's still keeping us very busy.
If you'd like to see pictures or a short video I shot, please check my other blog/podcast where I have made a few postings on the subject. You can find it at OpinionatedRamblings.com.
Thanks for subscribing, and I hope to be back with the next show very soon.

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