Tuesday, May 23, 2006


VGC 004 - Basic Instruction on Guitar Care

Hi Everyone,
Based on the recent weather events in my region, I didn't get a cast out last week. I did, however, decide that perhaps this week we should talk about basic care and maintenance of our beloved axes, so that is the topic of today's show. It's just the basics, we're not going to go into great detail...yet...but definitely good info to have on hand.
Our source for this show comes from Schmitt Music's website. It's available as a .pdf file if you'd like to download it. You'll find it here: http://www.schmittmusic.com/pdf/guitar_care.pdf.

Our thanks go out to Schmitt Music for the information. I'd also like to thank the Podsafe Music Network for today's music. You heard: "Flood" by Jeff Eaton, "Looks Like Water" by Man Bites Dog, and "Walk on Water" by Velvet Chain (yeah, I've got a theme going here! LOL).
If you like the music, please visit Opinionated Ramblings, my indie music podcast, for full versions of the songs and links and information for the artists. These songs and more can be found on Show Number 33.

Thanks for subscribing! If you're interested in VGC swag, there are some items in the Opinionated Ramblings store. Please feel free to comment on the blog or "gmail" me at "ceejay1964." Take care, and I'll talk to you next time!

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