Saturday, August 12, 2006


VGC 10: Valco's "Map" Guitars

The headstocks may say "National," but these are pure Valco "Res-O-Glas" beauties! The Val-Pro, Westwood, and Glenwood guitars offered from 1962 to 1964 put a whole new creative spin on what was possible for guitar-building materials and construction. Not to mention, some of these models even offered a transducer-type pickup built into the base of the bridge! We're talking 1962, here...way ahead of their time. Although they had a relatively short lifespan in production years, these babies certainly made an impact. And if you can find one today, be prepared to write a fairly hefty check before you can take it home with you. But comparitively speaking, it will cost you a heck of a lot less than trying to score a 1962-1964 Strat, Tele, or Les Paul. And you certainly won't be blending in while on-stage.
Thanks go out to today's sources, the article, "National's Map-Shaped Electrics" by George Gruhn and "National Westwood and Glenwood: '60s Alt-Materials Make Short Run," an article from Vintage Guitar Magazine's June, 2001 edition.

Thanks also to the Podsafe Music Network for the music on today's show. The lineup includes "Getting By" by Kathy Valentine, "Married on Monday" by The Gentlemen Losers, "Wednesday Morning" by Slackstring, "Almost Friday Night" by The Hot Rods, and "Tauntaun Heat" by Tadago Pie. For links to these bands websites and to hear the songs featured in their entirety, please check out my other podcast, Opinionated Ramblings.
And at the end of the show, don't miss the promo for the Musician's Cooler Podcast! If you're in a band, you'll find great advice, tips, tricks, links, and all kinds of other stuff you never even knew you needed...but you do.

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hey ceejay,
i post a guitar blog at
these are cool guitars! i remember seeing david lindley (is that the spelling?) with one of these.
Cool blog! May I put a link to you in the links section? Perhaps we should collaborate on a show...I'd love to have you on to talk!
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