Friday, September 08, 2006


VGC 12 - The Ovation Breadwinner (and Deacon)

Think Medieval Battleaxe meets Modern Toneaxe and you've got the Ovation Breadwinner.
The first electric to feature active electronics and an interesting yet ergonomic shape, the Breadwinner was Ovation's initial foray into the world of solidbody electrics, and sported many features that were ahead of their time. They didn't, however, have staying power as far as production was concerned.
Available only from 1972 through 1979, these guitars are quite hard to find on the secondary market nowadays. I would expect their value to continue to rise.
Today's source material comes from the following websites:
The music used in today's show included: "Come With Me" by The Clintons, "Midas Brush" by Poundcake, and "Marilyn County" by 100 Year Picnic. Information on these bands as well as links to their websites can be found at The Opinionated Ramblings Indie Music Podcast page and were featured on Show Number 42.

Thanks for listening, especially if you have chosen to subscribe! If you don't already, please consider doing so. And thanks to John for suggesting the Breadwinner as a show topic.
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Good Post!
I like the Ovation guitars. In addition to its many models available, the quality is very good compared with other brands of guitars. I have an Ovation Elite a few years ago, and never disappointed me. Recently bought one for my son, an Ovation Classic for my son on the internet, and got the best price on this page:
Well, there is a hint for you!
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