Friday, October 06, 2006


VGC 14 - The Gretsch Silver Jet and Related Models

Gretsch made so many cool guitars, I could hardly decide where to start. I had to go with sparkly; kick it off in style!

Today, we talk about the Gretsch Silver Jet. But we couldn't really do that without touching on the Duo Jet and Sparkle Jet, at least a little though.
The Silver Jet was produced from '55 - '63 with a few changes and options throughout that time.
Whenever I see one, I can't help but think of Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Gos...I'm sure that was one of the axes I remember her using during the band's early years (couldn't find a pic to verify it tho...). Regardless, it was one of the models that made me want to play in the first place...but certainly not one I was about to be able to get my hands on; not without a tidy bit of cash, anyway! Cool thing is, Gretsch is now offering the model again. You'll still need a tidy bit of cash, but if you can't get a vintage one, you can still get one.

Today's sources include The Gretsch Pages and the Gretsch Silver Jet page as well as Gretsch Guitars. I also delve into my much outdated 5th Edition of the Blue Book of Electric Guitars by Steven Cherne (1998). Please visit the source sites for lots more pictures, links, and information.

Music on today's show is provided by the Podsafe Music Network and includes "Always My Fault" by Korben, "Ready Set Go" by Letters Burning, and "Waste Another Night" and "Miss You" by My Little Radio. All of these tunes can be heard in their entirety on "The Opinionated Ramblings Indie Music Podcast," Show Number 044. The O.R. site also contains links to the band's webpages.

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Thanks for the podcast. In 1984 I traded in my 1980 Les Paul for a '62 Silverjet with original case. I could have bought the gtr for $500 cash, but I didn't have it so I went for the trade. The Silverjet was sweet! Played great and had a very unique sound. About a year later I was doing some recording and I really missed my Les Paul. Still too poor to buy back my Paul, I went back to the shop and traded the Silverjet back for my original Les Paul. Well, as you know those Jets now go for 3 to 5 thousand dollars. The shop still has the Jet over 20 years later and the owner refuses to sell it, saying "I'm going to buried with it!" Ye gods. Oh well, just thought I'd share my Silverjet story. Thanks for the podcasts, I enjoy them.
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