Saturday, October 21, 2006


VGC 15: The Peavey T-60

Think back to your first guitar for a moment... now, if you're about my age (no, I'm not telling, but you can probably figure it out), it quite possibly was one of these: The Peavey T-60.

What a cool guitar! This one had tons of features and a healthy dose of tone to go with it. You could go from a surefire single coil sound to a thick humbucker with a turn of the knob. And don't forget the phase switch! Last but not least, you could drag the case behind a pickup truck for miles and it would have emerged nearly unscathed. Production spanned from 1978 - 1987 or so. Now, that's what I call a great all-around guitar, and to think it ended up as a starter instrument for so many players.

Well, as it turns out, guide book prices have actually dropped a little on this model in the past 8 years. Even cooler! You can get one of these for anywhere between $200 and $400 these days, most around the $300 mark, including the case. Slam dunk!

Today's sources include The Electric Guitar Blue Book, 9th and 5th editions (yes, I finally got a new one!!), as well as The Unofficial Peavey T-60 Site. There is a ton of great information there including a forum, links, modifications, brochures, and articles.

Music on the show: "12:04" by Jack in the Pulpit, "Leave the Light On" by My Little Radio, and a snippet of "Strange Day in Mexico" by The Clintons. Please visit Opinionated Ramblings, Show #46 to hear these songs in their entirety and learn more about the artists.

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They look pretty cool! This might be the guitar for me
Give it a try! You certainly won't lose anything. :)
Those were cool back then. A few of my friends had them. One that I do still have and bought new was a 1979 Guild S300D. The D standing for Dimarzio. Came with a super distortion and a PAF humbucker. A real solid guitar and it still sounds great after all these years. Like the peaveys you can pick them up used for 2-3 hundred bucks.
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