Friday, December 29, 2006


Happy Holidays!

Hey there, everyone!
I hope you had a very jolly holiday, and you're ready for the new year. I am home from the surgery and in rest-recovery mode. I was able to come home before Christmas - they released me last Friday, so that was nice. Not doing much of anything just yet, but at least I'm home. You just can't get any rest in a hospital. LOL!

I just wanted to check in with ya and say Hey. Hopefully, I'll be able to put a show together soon. I've had mega computra issues lately that forced me to do a complete reformat and rebuild on the laptop. That sucks. I lost some data, too...lots of recent emails as well as my address book (so if you emailed me lately and didn't hear back, please try again!!).

Well, take care of yourselves, and have a Happy New Year! I'll be talking to you real soon.

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