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VGC 16 - The Fender Bullet: 1st Series

I've been holding on to this one for a special occasion, and I think it's time. Today, I want to talk about the Fender Bullet. Just the first series, though. We'll do the second series next time.

The Fender Bullet first arrived on the scene in 1982, presumably to fill the void left by the removal of the Mustang and Musicmaster models. Aimed at the introductory market, these guitars were definitely of a quality high enough for players beyond that stage.
Although the first versions had limited options, with only 2 basic models (the standard Bullet and the Bullet Deluxe with separate bridge) and 2 color choices (red and ivory), they are extremely easy to play, comfortable, and tonally diverse.

Produced really only about 2 years, they can be harder to find than the second series, but still show up with regularity on eBay, pawn shops, and stores that still have a decent trade-in section. Better scoop one up now though...prices have been rising lately. Expect to pay between $200 and $400 on average in the U.S. More overseas.

Today's sources included The Blue Book of Electric Guitars, 9th Edition and the original 1982 Fender Catalog (where that groovy picture came from!). If you'd like more info on the Bullet, check out the Fender Bullet Appreciation Page. Today's backing music featured: "Monsters" by Matchbook Romance, "Monster" by Meg & Dia, "Monsters" by Common Ground, and "Monster" by The Muggs, all of which can be found on the Halloween Episode of Opinionated Ramblings and at the Podsafe Music Network.

Next time, we'll look at the Bullet second series, which offers several models, more colors, and even a Bullet Bass. Until then, take care and keep jamming!

G'day as they say in OZ. Glad to see you posted a story about the Fender Bullet. I love mine,it's Fender Bullet Deluxe. Paid $600.00 Oz dollars for it. Things are are bit more expensive in the land Downunder. What a bargain!! You can see a photo of mine on my August 26th blog.
Very nice! Glad you love your guitar. There's a special place in my heart for Bullets. They just rock!
You might know about this. Bullet Squire, Has the Strat head, "by Fender" a Star and number 1 in it, a very nice thin slab maple neck, skunk strip, squared off front like a telle for the neck pocket, nice sealed tuners "Fender" on a junk plywood Telle body...E06973 on neck plate... Any ideas? I think I will make a real Telle out of it, Ash body and nice electronics...
I Just Discovered the podcast, Its Pretty Good..

I Have Some Ideas for you!

Guitars I Would Love to hear you talk about:
Gibson ES 340 - a Real Sleeper With Great Vintage Upside Potential.

The Les Paul Low Impedance Models -

I always thought of these as a Failed Gibson Experament. But I am a good Frien of Les' and He Set me straight. I now love these and believe they are among the most versital Axes on the Planet.

Thanks For Doing the Show!
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Nice to see someone else who's heard of the original Bullet.

i have the red standard model - thinking about maybe upgrading the pickups and generally sprucing it up. However oddly i have a maple neck, yet all the descriptions say the red Bullet had a rosewood neck. Have i got a Frankenstein of the two models?

i have to say the red paint is quite scratched on the back (previous owner's belt rash) and i'm thinking of refinishing in the off-white to look more like the Deluxe version.

Thats where I make all my vintage guitar purchases
hi I used to have a 1st edition bullet , standard with metal pickguard. it was black with white pg. (even though everyone says they were cream or red only)

see for photo

so sad I sold it all those years ago ..
Well...In fact it`s not called the ``Fender Bullet``.It`s called the Fender Bullet One and it`s silk screened right on the head stock for all to see.Secondly,It first appeared in 1981 and lasted for three years 1981,1982 and 1983...even if all three years had an E0 or E1 serial number prefix...
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