Sunday, December 17, 2006


VGC 17 - The Fender Bullet: 2nd Version

Howdy, folks! Ready for The Fender Bullet, part 2? I know I am!

This episode is dedicated to the second version of Fender's original Bullet line from 1983. These guitars and basses were produced in the U.S. for really just 1983 into 1984 before the model was sent across the Pacific and began to be made in Japan and sold under the name, Squier Bullet (stay tuned for VGC 18, where we will pick up on them there...).

There were 5 different guitars and 2 (or 3) basses available. The guitars were offered with both single coil or humbuckers and basses as either long or short scale. Fender also offered a couple more standard color options from Version 1, adding sunburst and a walnut stain (aka: "root beer brown").

These are great little guitars that have definitely seen active movement in value over the past few years. Going Up as they say! Might want to grab one now and hang on to it a while, especially if you're outside the U.S.!

Today's sources are The Blue Book of Electric Guitars, 5th Edition and 9th Edition as well as the original owner's manuals for these instruments (pictured above).

Music on today's show includes "Black Friday" by Music for Viola, "Christmas Here on Mars" by Bubble, "Christmas in Pizzaville" by Escape Goats, "American Holiday Song" by BELT, "Christmas Wish" by Gidgets Ga Ga, "One Christmas" by Al Stravinsky, and "I Drank Too Much at the Office Christmas Party" by The Alice Project. Links and information can be found at The Opinionated Ramblings Podsafe Shuffle site (see episode 49) and the Podsafe Music Network.

Please let me know if you have any difficulty with the downloads, and feel free to contact me via email at Take care, and I'll catch you next time!

I'm about to receive a Bullet from my friend Barry Reich, and I am excited as a jackelope. It's my first guitar, so I'm kinda nervous. But hey, this could be the start of something cool!
I am the proud owner of two great Bullets! The first is a red '82 ('83?) Fender Standard Bullet, SN E124903. This little gem is so fun to play! It has the thin strat body, a rather shallow 21 fret Tele neck, steel bridge/pickguard, two covered pickups and the block-shaped tuning machines are marked "Fender". The neck color is very blonde. I bought her in 2003 from a friend who bought it new in high school, payed it for a few months and then stuck it into a clost for 20+ years. He wanted $100 including original HSC, and he got it. I think I owe him some more dough for it but have lost touch since he moved.The tone is sweet, crisp and twangy.
The second is a sunburst '84 Squire Bullet SN SQ16588, with the thicker Strat-ish body, five-position switch, and the middle pickup has exposed posts. The tuning machines are b-shaped and marked "Fender Japan". This guitar is somewhat louder than the Fender, and better for distortion and crunch. The neck also has 21 fret, but is a bit deeper and darker. Quite a bit heavier than the Red bullet.
Oh, and this one was found in a pawnshop marked $68, I got them to let her go for $60 with a Fender soft bag.
It pays to haggle!
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