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VGC 018: The Squier Bullets

Hey Everybody!
It's finally time for a new episode! I'm feeling pretty good and ready to jump back into the podcast. Well, as promised, we are going to finish up the Fender Bullet topic by discussing the Squier models. Unfortunately...there wasn't a lot of information to be found. That's a pity, because not only did Squier continue producing the basic models that were already offered in the U.S. in the early 80s, but they created a lot of additional models a little later on, seemingly catering more toward the hard rock crowd (think "near pointy").

Basically, the used Squier Bullets are still really reasonably priced, and if you want to use it to make changes or upgrades, you probably won't feel squidgy about messing around with it (such as the one pictured at the left with the stickers and the skull knobs on it).

Anyhow, we do have a little history about Squier and the usual foray into eBay to see just what's what. Additionally, one of our subscribers, John, sent us some cool links to share.
Please visit these sites, and if you have any to share, let me know! You can email me at vintageguitarcast[at]gmail[dot]com.
Here's the list of today's music: "Doctor" by BLOOM, "Nothing Better to Do" by The Velmas, "Better Life" by Common Ground, and "Better Day" by Polaradio. You can find these songs in episode 51 of The Opinionated Ramblings Podsafe Shuffle Podcast or at the Podsafe Music Network. Please visit and support these bands.

Thanks for staying subscribed while I recovered from my surgery, and I will talk to you again soon! ~Ceejay

Just found and subscribed to your podcast...enjoyed.
I haven't checked your past blogs yet. Have you done any podcasts on Tokai or hagstrom guitars yet?

looking forward to more podcasts.
Thanks Rob! I think those are great suggestions. Keep an ear out. :)
VGC 018: The Squier Bullets

you described a white squire - made in Japan that was in the completed auctions on ebay - could not find it - I had one and sold it in 89 for food while in University - would give my left arm to get one like it again.

It looked like the pic of the black bullet posted on your blog but mine was was all artic white with black pickups and volume/tone knobs .... also had a whammy bar ... if you know where I could find one please let me know!
I am the proud owner of two great Bullets! The first is a red '82 ('83?) Fender Standard Bullet, SN E124903. This little gem is so fun to play! It has the thin strat body, a rather shallow 21 fret Tele neck, steel bridge/pickguard, two covered pickups and the block-shaped tuning machines are marked "Fender". The neck color is very blonde. I bought her in 2003 from a friend who bought it new in high school, payed it for a few months and then stuck it into a clost for 20+ years. He wanted $100 including original HSC, and he got it. I think I owe him some more dough for it but have lost touch since he moved.The tone is sweet, crisp and twangy.
The second is a sunburst '84 Squire Bullet SN SQ16588, with the thicker Strat-ish body, five-position switch, and the middle pickup has exposed posts. The tuning machines are b-shaped and marked "Fender Japan". This guitar is somewhat louder than the Fender, and better for distortion and crunch. The neck also has 21 fret, but is a bit deeper and darker. Quite a bit heavier than the Red bullet.
Oh, and this one was found in a pawnshop marked $68, I got them to let her go for &60 with a Fender soft bag.
It pays to haggle!
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